The Longest Run In Vegas

vegas-300x152It is truly impressive to hold the longest winning streak among all of the big wins. As a result of Archie Karas’ incredible run in Las Vegas, the term ‘The Run’ has become synonymous with his journey.

The Mirage was his first stop in Vegas when Karas arrived with $50 in his pocket. In this environment, he bumped into the same poker player he had met in LA and persuaded him to stake him $10,000. With this bankroll, he played $200/$400 limit Razz and in no time his bankroll grew to $30,000. He paid $10,000 to his backer plus another $10,000 for staking him.

With only $10,000 left, Karas was confident of blowing up his bankroll. A bar was more appealing than the poker tables to him, so he decided to play pool instead. His chance meeting with a high-stakes poker player also occurred here. As soon as they started talking, the two agreed to play high stakes 9-ball pool, in which each game would be played for a $5000 wager.

This player was always referred to as Mr. X by Karas and he would never reveal his real name. In the end, Karas won hundreds of thousands of dollars playing pool. Karas continued to win, and Mr. X raised the stakes to $40,000 per game, but Karas still won.

Binion’s Horseshoe then offered poker tables for the two to play at. Additionally, Karas won $3 million here and quickly accumulated his winnings. One of Kara’s biggest strengths and weaknesses was that he was never afraid to put everything on the line. Without flinching, he was willing to stake his whole bankroll. With $4 million in winnings, he finished this marathon betting session.

As a result of his continued play in Las Vegas, he increased his bankroll within three months to $7 million. It wasn’t long before he gained a reputation as one of the most successful high-stakes poker players in Las Vegas.