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Poker Position: Understanding What It Is

royalflushpoker-300x219Position represents an essential concept in poker, which poker players do not take for granted. It simply refers to the order that decides how players are allowed to act. A player who is “out of position” acts first. On the other hand, a player who is “in position” acts last.

Oftentimes, the latter gives players an advantage owing to the additional information they might have gained, as well as their ability to control the pot size. For new players, the concept of position might seem unheard of. To lend a hand, this guide will explain what poker positions are.

Why is it important to understand poker positions?

While many players often get the concept of poker positions wrong, it is one of the most important concepts in the game. When someone plays in position, they can get a significant advantage, thanks to the additional information they can gather. By making the most of your position, it becomes easier to play hands with relevant information about your opponent’s play.

Furthermore, you can also get more opportunities to bluff when you have a position on an opponent. This can make up for a weaker hand. Besides this, the most important advantage of having poker position is that you can know what you opponent is about to do before you make a decision on how to play.

You can make informed decisions with the knowledge that your opponent can attempt to deceive you. While a bet translates to interest, a check often implies that they are not so eager by the board.

You get a lot of information when playing from position. As a result, you can make use of your opponent’s action as a major factor as you decide on how to play the streets.

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Types of Poker Positions

As stated earlier, position is how a player is arranged with respect to other players. Whenever a poker player says, “I’ve got a position on you,” what they mean is that they are seated to your left, which allows them to act after you. This section will introduce the different types of positions in poker.

The Dealer Position

For the band’s position, your position at the table is always relative to the dealer. To ensure that all players get equal time in all positions, the deal rotates around the poker table. When you are “on the button” or in the dealer position, you can fancy your chances in the most desirable position. Generally, after the flop, the player in this position is always the last to act in every betting round.

Since you are the last to act, you can see everyone in the hand as they take an action before you consider taking yours. For smart players, this often represents a significant advantage. This ensures that you can get away with playing more marginal hands in the dealer position.

The Early Position

This position can be found three seats to the left of the dealer. It is considered by many to be the worst position in poker. This is because the player in the early position must act first without any prior knowledge about how their opponents are going to play their hands.

Any decision that is made to check, bet, raise, or fold is done without sufficient information about the other players.

The Middle Position

The next position in consideration is the middle position. Players in the middle position can see how other players in the early position play their hands before they take an action. However, you will still have other players after you.

For a player in the middle position, you can decide to play a bit looser than other players in the early position. Yet, you must never throw caution in the wind.

The Late Position

This position involves the dealer and the player to his right. It is seen by many as the best position in poker. This is because of the extra information you will have to make better decisions – whether to bet, call, fold, or raise – than other players in early position, who must act first without the advantage of this additional information.

You can even enjoy the advantage of raising a bit more aggressively, especially if you are not the button. You can try to “buy the button,” and this can improve your position if you get the button to fold.


For most new players, the idea of position in poker might seem strange to them. However, in a game of incomplete information, it remains a very important factor in determining the poker strategy you choose. The ability to make decisions after other players can give you an edge on whether to call, fold, bet, or raise.

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